What You Should Know Before Investing in a Solar Domestic Hot Water System

Planning to install a hot water system in your home? Hot water supply is crucial for day-to-day household activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry, as well as personal hygiene practices, like washing hands and bathing. There are many different types of water heating systems you can choose from, with each designed with the needs of specific users in mind.

While gas and electricity remain the primary power sources for residential water heaters, many Australian homeowners now use solar power to heat their water. If you're considering investing in a solar domestic hot water system, here are a few important things you should know before investing. 

Solar water heaters can be used in any climate

Contrary to what you may think, solar domestic hot water systems use sunlight and not solar heat to heat water. They have a solar thermal collector that absorbs the sun's light energy and uses it to heat water. Consequently, the performance of solar hot water systems depends on the amount of sun exposure that they receive rather than how hot or cold a specific area is across the year.

While the various kinds of solar water heaters can be used in any climate, some are better suited in particular climates, so make sure you choose a unit that is right for your specific climate.

Solar water heaters may require a backup unit

While installing a solar domestic water heater is an excellent way to save money on your monthly utility bills, it may not guarantee a steady supply of hot water throughout the day. Since there's no sunlight at night, you may run out of hot water. During this time, you'll require a backup unit that can meet your hot water demand temporarily. 

Ordinarily, this is a gas-powered or electric water heater with a bulky storage tank. But these days, a tankless gas or electric water heater can also serve this purpose while saving precious space.

Solar water heater installations may qualify for solar rebates

Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for state or territorial solar tax credits when you install a solar domestic hot water system. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of your solar water heater installation. 

To find out whether or not you qualify for solar rebates, check with your local council.

A solar hot water system installation is a nice way to save money on your monthly energy bills while going green in your home. Speak to a hot water plumber about your needs today.

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