4 Reasons to Work With a Plumber During Your Residential Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel allows you to replace old, unappealing fixtures with new ones. Remodelling creates a functional space that will save on electrical bills and increase water efficiency. A lot of planning goes into renovating a bathroom; therefore, it's important to seek professional help. If you're intending to replace fixtures and move things around, consider the following benefits of working with a plumbing contractor.

Assess the viability of existing fixtures

If you have an old home, there's a chance that your existing fixtures are outdated and inefficient. These include piping, faucets, toilet flushing systems, drains and much more. Without professional help, you may not think to replace old fixtures, especially if they don't affect the functionality of the space.

A plumber can assess your existing fixtures to establish their viability and compatibility with your new ones. They can inspect existing plumbing for wear and inefficiencies that would undermine the performance of your new fixtures. A contractor can also identify potential issues such as plumbing leaks and water damage and save you from incurring huge repair costs in the future.

Provide practical design ideas

How functional is your current bathroom? Is your shower installed in the best location? Does your bathtub occupy too much space? If you'd like to alter your bathroom's design, consult a plumber. The contractor's expertise will come in handy when deciding how to redesign the space for maximum functionality. 

Faucets, toilets and flushing systems, vanities, showers, tubs and accessories come in various designs. Your contractor can offer advice on the most practical and efficient fixtures for the room. They also know the most durable materials and products for different spaces. For example, if you have hard water, your plumber can recommend the best materials to withstand the minerals in your water.

Recommend functional and efficient fixtures

Technology advancements in the plumbing industry have led to the manufacture of water-efficient bathroom fixtures. These include low-flow taps, high-efficiency toilets, performance showerheads and re-circulating hot-water kits. The internet of things (IoT) allows homeowners to connect bathroom fixtures to a smart panel and collect data about water and energy consumption, performance and maintenance. These advancements can significantly increase plumbing efficiency in your bathrooms.

Ensure speedy renovations

Do-it-yourself bathroom remodels can be lengthy and tiresome. Mistakes can increase project costs and affect the outcome of the renovations. Working with a contractor ensures speedy remodels. There's less risk of downtime due to human error. Expert contractors guarantee quality remodels; therefore, you don't have to worry about unsatisfactory installations.

A bathroom remodel is best left to the experts. A professional plumber will help you create a functional, efficient and aesthetically appealing space.

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