Scenarios That Warrant Investing in a CCTV Drain Inspection for Your Residential Plumbing

Many homeowners experience problems with their plumbing. And one reason why it may seem that you are contending with these issues regularly is likely because some problems stay undiagnosed for the long term, as they are located deep inside the labyrinth of pipes that make up the plumbing network.

Fortunately, as technology has evolved, plumbers have come up with a way of carrying a comprehensive investigation to find all underlying issues and address them in totality. That technology is CCTV drain inspections. Check put the following scenarios that warrant investing in a CCTV drain inspection for your residential plumbing.

Requesting a CCTV drain inspection pre and post plumbing repairs

Undoubtedly, a top reason why a majority of homeowners seek a CCTV drain inspection is when they start combatting the same recurring plumbing problem. In typical cases, the underlying cause could be out of sight, like a cracked pipe, root ingress or other hidden issues. The great thing about a CCTV drain inspection is that the plumber will not only identify the problem clearly, but they will do so without having to dig up the entirety of your plumbing network.

In addition to this, since the problem has been diagnosed, they can engage in trenchless plumbing repair which does not entail any digging. As the process is not exploratory resultantly, there is no landscape degradation, and you will not be saddled with clean-up bills! A mistake some people make, though, is overlooking the importance of a CCTV drain inspection post-repairs. Once the plumber has concluded their work, this second inspection gives you peace of mind that they have addressed all problems affecting your plumbing and the work is free of mistakes and oversights.

Requesting a CCTV drain inspection before moving into a new residence

Moving into a new home, whether you are about to get into a lease agreement or if you are buying it outright, does come with a range of expenses. Thus, it is understandable that you may be trying to keep your costs down by overlooking some aspects of due diligence, such as hiring a professional to embark on an inspection, but this a grave mistake. One key element that you should never overlook is investing in a CCTV drain inspection.

Considering that plumbing is utilised daily, the previous tenants may have left behind unknown issues that will crop up once you start using the plumbing! As a result, you end up being burdened with the subsequent repair and replacement costs, and this can deal a massive financial blow. To avoid any blindsiding, you should request a CCTV drain inspection that will establish any potential issues that need to be fixed by the owner or seller before you move in.

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