The Three Factors You Need To Know Before You Call For Hot Water Repairs

Hot water is an essential part of every home and business across Australia, and when it breaks down, you want it fixed as fast as possible. There is often very little time to waste, as the longer your plumbing is broken, the higher the chance that the problem will spread to other areas. But before you call the first plumber you can find in the directory, there are a few conditions that could narrow your search down. Not all plumbers are equipped to fix all hot water systems, and it pays to know that the one who is coming for your hot water repair will be able to do the job. 

Brand Of Heater

There are many different brands of hot water systems, and not all of them function the same way. Some have slightly different components than others, while a few only can be repaired by a licenced plumber from that company (although these are usually only the very high-end systems). Some brands of hot water systems only work with specialised parts made by the same company. Third-party or aftermarket pieces will not work, and if your plumber doesn't have the right brand in stock, they will not be able to complete the hot water repair. Always check that the plumber you call mentions that they can fix your particular brand. 

System Type

There are three main hot water systems: gas, electric and solar-powered. Virtually all plumbers will be able to fix your gas and electric problems; it is typically only with solar that lack of expertise can become an issue. If the problem with the hot water repair is focused around the solar panels not working, there is very little your plumber will be able to do other than replace the system entirely. Make sure that, if you do have a solar-powered hot water system, you get a plumber that specialises in this area. 

Response Time

If your plumbing is currently spraying water all over the floor of your home or business, then you need emergency plumbing repair. Often this repair will be connected to hot water repairs, but the main point is that you need someone there fast. Look for plumbers that mention quick response times or same-day fixes. These are easy to find in the main metropolitan areas, but remember that this speed usually comes with a premium price tag. However, if it stops your home from becoming an aquarium, it is money well spent. 

To learn more, contact a hot water repair contractor.

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