Signals Indicating The Presence Of A Blocked Sewer Line

One of the typical challenges you are bound to face with your residential plumbing system is blocked drains. However, where these blockages occur will have a direct influence on how frustrating the situation is, since some drains are trickier to deal with than others. Your sewer drains are one of the most critical to deal with since any clogs in this line put your home at risk of waste backing up into your home and exposing you and your loved ones to bacteria, pathogens and a host of disease-causing microbes. For that reason, you need to familiarise yourself with the signs of a blocked sewer drain so that you can know when to call in plumbers for drain unclogging and cleaning. This article highlights a few signals indicating the presence of a blocked sewer line.

Slow draining of multiple faucets

When you have a blocked drain in your home, you can easily pinpoint where it stems from since one room in your home will succumb to slow draining or low water pressure. If you have multiple faucets exhibiting these signs then you should be prompted to call a plumber for a blocked sewer line, as all the faucets feed into this one drain.

Backed-up toilets

When you notice that your toilets are not functioning as normal, it could be indicative of a blocked drain. The prominent signal to alert you to an underlying blocked drain problem is the toilet filling up rather than draining when you try to flush. On the other hand, you may hear weird gurgling sounds coming from the toilet each time it is flushed. It is critical to note that if this is not arrested as soon as possible, you are at risk of faecal waste matter backing up into the bathroom, which would mandate a professional cleanup to ensure the bathroom is not a biohazard.

Physical transformations in your yard

The third red flag of a blocked sewer line is sudden changes in your yard. These changes are potentially due to a crack or a burst pipe due to pressure in the drain. One of the most common transformations you will notice is part of the yard being lush and verdant whilst the rest of the lawn is not looking the same. Although a lush lawn is something most homeowners aspire to, patches of lushness are indicative of a sewer line leak due to blockages. The second change you may notice is parts of the lawn being soggy, even if the climatic conditions are dry. It is critical to call a plumber immediately to investigate the blocked line and perform repairs as needed.

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