3 Reasons to Install Drainage Grate Channels in a Shower

When you ask your plumber to install a new shower, they may have talked to you about drainage options. While you initially expected just to have a regular drain hole put in the shower, your plumber tells you that you could have a stainless steel shower drainage grate, or channel, installed instead.

You hadn't thought about this, but now you're interested. Shower channels look quite spiffy, but you aren't sure what the benefits are. Why should you consider using a channel grate?

1. More Comfort in the Shower

If you're having a long, hot shower, then a normal small, round grate will take your water away, but it may not work that quickly. The water may drain quite slowly if you're using a lot of it. This leaves you standing in water while you take your shower, which isn't always pleasant. If your drain or its pipe is a bit blocked, as can happen over time, then you could end up giving your feet a bath rather than a shower.

A channel grate has a bigger footprint than a regular drain. It can carry a lot more water away a lot more quickly. So, you won't have a problem with standing water when you shower.

2. More Traction in the Shower

It's easy to slip and lose your footing in a wet shower. This is more likely to happen if water collects around your feet or if you have to deal with pools of water when you're getting out of the shower.

If you have a channel grate, then your shower floor doesn't hold as much water. While the floor can never be kept completely dry when you're taking a shower, water shouldn't collect or pool on the floor. The floor's design guides water straight into the channel to be taken away. You're less likely to slip this way.

3. Less Maintenance in the Shower

A small, round plug hole can get clogged or blocked up by hair and soap residue. While you may be able to remove some of this stuff by digging in the grate or using chemical cleaners, this is a chore.

Channel grates are a lot bigger. They can carry more stuff away from the shower into the drain without clogging up. Plus, you typically get access panels on the grates. You simply open them up if you think you have a blockage to clean out.

Your plumber can explain exactly how stainless steel drainage grates will work in your new shower. They can also show you examples of the kinds of channels you can use.

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