Considerations of Your Tiny Home's Hot Water System

When you begin building your tiny home, plumbing becomes a huge consideration. You will need to consider the type of hot water system you want to use. You will also need to consider the small space you have and the layout of the plumbing. With these considerations in mind, there are a few hot water system issues you should think about before settling on a system that works for your tiny home.

Tankless Systems

The first hot water system that may come to mind for your tiny home will probably be the tankless system. A tankless water heater does have its advantages, especially for tiny home conditions. They take up very little room, give you ongoing hot water while in use and they can run off solar power. These benefits make them a prime choice for tiny home living. The tankless systems can be placed virtually anywhere and can operate hot water for your bathroom and kitchen areas while running off of the onboard water storage method you have chosen.

Electric Tank Systems

Electric tank systems are an ideal choice if you know that you will be in one place. For example, if you know your tiny home will be housed on the same property or lot for a long period and there are electric hookups, then an electric system makes sense. These systems run off of a small hot water tank similar to that of a typical residential home. The hot water tank is housed under a sink area or even in the flooring depending on the setup of your tiny home and spacing considerations.

Hybrid Systems

One of the latest options available to tiny home construction and owners is a hybrid hot water system. This hybrid system refers more to the power source than it does to the tank itself. A hybrid unit runs on electric, gas, solar or a combination of these. These allow you to hook up to any caravan lot, regardless of their power source and have hot water. If you don't have a power source, then you can use solar as the hot water system power source. The hybrid system can be operated with a tank or tankless system easily.

These are just a few of the key points you should consider when you begin planning the hot water system for your tiny home. When you have narrowed down your options for your hot water system, contact your local plumber for installation assistance. They can answer questions and also give you some ideas of ways to adjust the plumbing and hot water system to work better in your tiny home layout.

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