Why Should You Consider Fitting a Wet Room in Your Home?

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and it isn't too hard to see why. Essentially, a wet room is a sealed bathroom. The walls and floors are sealed to prevent water seeping out, and there's no lip between shower section and the rest of the floor—a sloping floor simply leads down to the drain.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose to fit a wet room for your bathroom designs.

Convenient Placement

One of the great things about wet rooms is their small footprint. This means you fit them into smaller spaces, and that's going to be hugely advantageous from a plumbing point of view. When you add a new shower to your home, a plumber will need to attach all the piping from your hot water and drainage systems. That's why bathrooms tend to be placed as close as possible to the boiler. If you have the freedom to add a wet room right next to your current hot water system, you might just cut down on your plumbing costs.

Reduced Risk of Leaks

Any builder or plumber will tell you that leaks are a common problem with bathrooms. However, leaks are far less likely to develop when you have a wet room because the whole room is completely waterproof. In normal bathrooms, water can easily run into areas where you don't want it. You don't want it flooding into sections that aren't waterproof or aren't meant to cope with excessive moisture. In a wet room, that just isn't an issue.

Makes the Most of Minimal Space

Space is at a premium in most homes. As such, adding a second shower room or bathroom will probably mean either extending outwards or converting a bedroom. Both options are costly, and the first robs you of outside space while the second could lower the price of your properly. A wet room could be the answer. They can be fit into very small spaces without feeling too small. In fact, they are designed to be on the compact side.

Added Safety

You'll often see wet rooms used in residences where safety is an issue. That's because they are very safe. There's no lip to trip over when you get into the shower, and there's no change in height. Additionally, the tiles used for wet rooms offer quite a lot of traction thanks to the slightly sloping floor, so it's tough to slip and fall even when you're taking a shower.

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