Why Call a Plumber When Planning a Bathroom Remodel?

If you're planning on remodelling your bathroom, you might hesitate to call a plumber to assist, simply to save some money on jobs you assume you can do on your own. If you're not planning on moving any of the plumbing fixtures, you might assume the services of a plumber won't even be needed.

However, unless your project involves nothing more than a new coat of paint and perhaps a new mirror on the wall, it's best to have a residential plumber manage many aspects of your bathroom remodel for you. Note why that is, and why their services are so valuable during any bathroom renovation or remodelling project.

Loosening pipes

Plumbing pipes usually don't just sit on the subfloor or behind walls, but are connected to studs and joists with different types of hangers and brackets. Pulling up bathroom floors or knocking out walls, even if you replace the floor tiles and drywall, can mean damaging or loosening those hangers and brackets.

In turn, plumbing pipes might start to bang round as water flows through them, and suffer damage. This can lead to water leaks and even burst pipes. A plumber will know how to remove flooring or wall materials without damaging pipe hangers and brackets, or will ensure these pieces are properly secured before covering over the floors and walls during the renovation project.

Exhaust fan

If the bathroom has an exhaust fan, you might note if it would need upgrading, according to new fixtures you're having added in the bathroom. An oversized shower or soaking tub might mean more steam is produced with each use, and an undersized fan can mean allowing that steam and humidity to settle on walls and tiles, leading to water damage. A plumber will be able to note the size of the plumbing fixtures you're having installed as compared to the size of the fan, and if an upgrade is a good option for you.

Grout and sealant

Adding grout to shower and floor tiles and around the tub and toilet, and adding sealant to the surface of tiles, may be more complicated than you realize. Too much grout can get soft and hold dirt and mould, whereas not enough grout can mean water leaks around those fixtures. Watching a few instructional videos online is no substitute for the skill and knowhow of a professional plumber when it comes to adding just the right amount of grout and sealant in your bathroom! Hiring a professional plumber can then mean a remodelling project that lasts and doesn't need unnecessary repair or tile replacement.

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