Preparing for the Holiday Guest Influx? Don't Forget Your Plumbing!

With Christmas and the new year around the corner, it's time for a few final touches to prepare for the festive gatherings. While the holiday season should be all about entertaining family and friends, gift giving and high spirits, it can also be a quality time to spend time with your plumber. Right?

With all the cooking, the food, kitchen waste, increased water usage and visitors galore, your home's plumbing is about to face the most difficult time of the year. If you're are not looking for one-on-one time with your plumber, here are a few helpful tips to make your holiday season the most cheerful to date.

Keep away from chemical drain cleaning solutions

You might be tempted to use cleaning products that look like a Christmas miracle on your overworked drains, but this may do more harm than good for your home's plumbing system. Though they might seem like your best bet during an emergency situation, chemical drain cleaning solutions can result in long-term damage to your drains.

Use hot water to break up blockages

Build up within your drains is inevitable but also easily avoidable. Pouring extremely hot water down the drains can increasingly lower the risks of blockages. Hot water acts as a lubricant that loosens up any blockage to make it easily removable.

You can also use this method if you're already experiencing blockages to lower the risk of a buildup. Using extremely hot water is a simple, yet effective strategy of working blockages even after the holiday season.

Refrain from throwing grease or oil down the drain

A lot of holiday activities involve preparing meals for your friends and family. Draining any excess grease or oil down your kitchen sink may be your downfall this festive season. Cooking oil and fatty substances harden and solidify in pipes, and become hard to remove.

Solid fat/oil will work as a magnet to catch any debris going down the drain hence blocking passage through the drains.

Before oil or grease makes for a costly phone call, dispose of it in the rubbish using paper towel.

Provide a rubbish can in the bathroom

Placing a rubbish can in the bathroom or next to a toilet will provide your guests with a proper disposal outlet for anything that shouldn't be thrown down a toilet such as sanitary napkin, baby wipes or facial tissues.

Schedule a plumbing repair or maintenance

The holidays can be a very busy season for plumbers. If you're looking forward to a worry-free holiday, you should call a professional plumber to repair any damages and to make sure your plumbing is ready to handle the holiday guest influx.

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