When It's Time to Call a Professional Plumber

Not every plumbing problem in a home needs the attention of a professional, as you can usually unclog a toilet or change a washer in a faucet on your own, with a few simple household tools and a bit of know-how. This doesn't mean, however, that you should try to handle all plumbing problems on your own, or that you should overlook what might seem to be minor plumbing issues. Trying to address certain problems without the right tools and skills can mean making that issue worse and then facing a potential plumbing disaster. To avoid this, and the larger repair bills that come with such disasters, note when it's time to call a company that offers professional plumbing services.

Sounds behind the walls

Any type of banging, dripping, water running or other such sound you hear behind the walls, especially when you have a tap open, can indicate a plumbing leak, air in the pipes, or another problem that should be addressed quickly. If you ignore these issues, your home's framework might develop mould from a water leak, or pipes might get damaged due to banging or air pushing against the connectors. Don't start tearing out walls yourself, as the actual plumbing problem could be located far from where you hear these sounds. Have a plumber inspect the pipes and repair them as needed.

Hot water temperature variations

If you turn on the hot water taps and the water temperature gets overly hot very quickly, this could be very dangerous, as it's easy to get scalded in a tub or sink. This is especially true if the water temperature fluctuates too much while you're in the shower or using a sink.

On the other hand, if the water never seems to get hot enough, you could be putting wear and tear on the heating coils of the hot water tank, which may be old and worn and ready to outright fail, so your home then will have no hot water. To avoid these risks, call a plumber if you notice any problems with the home's hot water production and temperature.

Constant clogs

Constant clogs usually indicate a problem with the pipes behind the home's walls, or even outside the home. If these pipes are leaking, they won't have enough water pressure to push solid waste through, so you get persistent clogs. The pipes may also have a build-up of solid material that is clinging to pipe walls, and they need to be cleaned. Whatever the case, call a plumber for constant clogs in your home's plumbing.

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