3 Plumbing Habits to Keep Your Pipes Running Smoothly

If not handled promptly, plumbing issues can be the cause of significant damage to your house that could require extensive home and plumbing repairs, which can be awfully expensive. However, the vast majority of these issues can be easily avoided with regular maintenance and taking certain precautions. Here are three good practices to keep your plumbing pipes in good working conditions.

1. Be on the lookout for pipe leaks

Unless noticed and immediately fixed, the slightest leak in your pipes and faucets can cause uncontrollable flooding. Inspecting pipes in areas of your house that you rarely access, such as your basements and crawl spaces, can save you a big deal. Often these places are the root source of leaks because they lack proper insulation; as a result, the pipes are more susceptible to weather elements. Consequently, the pipes are likely to start cracking then leaking. Plumbers can give you helpful tips on how to service your pipes as well as help you scope out any trouble areas in your house. That way, you'll know which pipes and places to keep your eyes on.

2. Keep Your Indoor Pipes Warm and Insulated

While a majority of plumbing problems during winter are associated with outdoor pipes, you shouldn't brush off the importance of properly tending to your indoor pipes, too. These pipes can also freeze during winter. It is a good habit to occasionally open your cabinet doors to let heat reach the pipes. This will prevent them from freezing. If you plan on leaving for a few days, be sure to leave the heat on to make sure that the interior pipes won't freeze. Whenever the temperatures outside drop below zero degrees, let your indoor faucets drip steadily; that way, you can prevent the build-up of frozen water and a possible burst pipe. You could also have your pipes insulated before winter. It will also help the water heater retain heat, lowering your energy bills as well.

3. Sign Up for a Home Plumbing Maintenance Programme

Most plumbers recommend that you sign up for a home plumbing maintenance programme. With one, you will know exactly what to do if you notice any plumbing issue in your house. To avoid spending money on costly water-damage repairs, perform regular maintenance on your pipes.

These maintenance programmes can also increase the lifespan of your home appliances. Ensure that your plumbing-related warranties stay updated. By signing up for these programmes, you will rest assured knowing that your plumbing is in capable hands.

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