Which Emergency Plumber Should You Keep on Speed Dial?

Home drainage systems are not fail-proof, and they tend to break down at the most inconveniencing times. It therefore goes without saying that having an emergency plumber handy can enable you to restore your home plumbing system back to working condition with minimal inconvenience.

Emergency plumbers are available round the clock to unclog a blocked drain, frozen pipes or an overflowing toilet that won't flush in the wee hours of the morning. However, not all emergency plumbers are the same. It is important to select the best ones available to suit your needs.

Look out for the following characteristics to find your go-to emergency plumber.   

Licensed and insured

You should only deal with emergency plumbers that are licensed and insured in your local area. A licensed plumber is more likely to have the technical expertise and experience to properly handle your plumbing emergencies.

In addition, dealing with an insured plumber gives you a layer of security in the event that the plumber causes any damages to your property.

No overtime fees

A reliable emergency plumber is less likely to charge you excessive fees such as overtime fees to fix a problem. Work with a plumber who clearly understands the task that they need to do once they arrive at your premises, and they can give you clear and fair estimates for the scope of work to be done. A reliable plumber will avoid making you incur unexpected costs for their services. 

Locally owned services

It is always better to deal with an emergency plumber who operates locally. Local plumbers are easier to contact, you can evaluate their previous work, and they can arrive at your premises in a shorter amount of time to fix that leaking pipe that is gushing water all over your home. It is also easier to follow up with local plumbers in case you experience any further issues after they offer their services.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Make sure you select an emergency plumber who focuses on customer satisfaction as one of their top priorities. A plumbing emergency can be stressful to deal with, and the last thing you want is an inconsiderate plumbing professional in your home.

You can tell if the plumber is offering great customer service by how they relate with you even before they come over to fix any plumbing problems. The above tips should give you a little info on the characteristics of a plumber who will do a great job for a great price.

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